595 Craft and Kitchen Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary With Rare Brews.

Locally owned restaurants are our go to when looking to celebrate entrepreneurship from the cities incredible culinary talent off the famed Las Vegas Strip.

We first met owners Chris Holding and Van-Alan Nguyen most a year before they opened their successful venue. After talking with them over drinks we could feel their passion for craft beer and desire to provide a restaurant that provides a haven for people to come together, enjoy unique Asian cuisine and of course a cold brew.

“We hope to energize the community in joining us to support the independent brewers who pour their heart and soul into every batch of beer they brew” they said.

A perfect example of their home-grown relationships is when the bar and restaurant partnered with local brewery Joseph James to unveil the brewery’s 10th anniversary beer along with a handful of rare sours and stouts. This epic experience let us experience some great craft beers and just plain have a good time.

In addition to a huge selection of local and rare craft beers, sink your teeth into a very traditional Signature Banh Mi. This Honey Soy Glazed BBQ Pork, cucumber, pickled veggies , cilantro, jalapeño mayo and rich maggi will have you coming back again and again.

A personal favorite, the Furikake Tuna Burger with fresh baby arugula, scallion oil, tomato, shiitake and aioli is hard for us to pass up.



For those who need a boost after a long night, their Hangover Fries with a chopped burger patty, sharp American, bacon, fried Onion, pickled fresno chilis, scallion and fry Sauce is the perfect way to get your day started right.

It’s always a pleasure to watch a restaurant grow from its inception into a busy, popular place. Chris Holding Van-Alan Nguyen and their staff have taken their time and done it right.

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