We have had a lot of fun at Vino Las Vegas traveling the world in search of fine dining and great wines, and one of our goals is to present to you the finest wines, not the most expensive, but unique wonderful wines that pair well with certain foods, and that can be found only at specific places!  Wines, typcially you may not find in the larger retail locations, and wines that really work well when combined with certain foods, at restaurants that provide the right balance of ambiance and often entertainemnt. Finding our Top Wine Classics is our passion and we are pleased to be able to not only share with you the wineries but also the local and regional restaurants where the wines can be enjoyed.  With so many potential wine classics numbering in the hundreds in California alone we will be sharing with you both local Las Vegas restaurants as well as regional restaurants and wines that you can easily enjoy on your next road trip!


D’Alfonso Curran




Hilliard Bruce

Oh Wines