We have had a lot of fun at Vino Las Vegas traveling the world in search of fine dining and great wines, with the goal of being able to report back our list of “Top Restaurants” where good times are available and affordable. It is wonderful to find that right here in our own backyard of Las Vegas, we have discovered these Top Restaurants! Finding our Top Restaurants is not unlike our quest for tasting and recording our Top Wine Classics. The significant difference, our list of potential wine classics number in the hundreds in California alone! This requires a lot of “Sipping” but our list of 30 potential Top Restaurants in Nevada requires, well as you will find out by following our trail, great evenings of eating, drinking and enjoying a “Bon Vivant” lifestyle.



Marche Bacchus

Flock & Fowl


Echo & Rig

Sparrow & Wolf

Rooster Boy Cafe