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Managing Editor

“Traveling the world one sip at a time”

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Elaine Harris

Managing Editor

“Wine is a Lifestyle – Viva Wine”

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Wine, Partnership, Passion, and Purpose

Is what defines Vino Las Vegas and what Drives the Recommendations for Restaurants, Wines, and Vineyards we have made and supported over the years. From our humble beginnings in Las Vegas, 10 years ago, to today, where we travel the entire USA and Globe annually in search of that special bottle of wine, food pairing and unique atmosphere to bring together and create an unforgettable experience for ourselves and our followers. Las Vegas still stands alone in delivering the majority of our unique culinary experiences. As a member of the Vino Las Vegas Wine Club, you will receive our weekly blogs as well as the Special Private Invitations to Wine – Dine – Live Events to be held at our Top, Qualifying Restaurants, in Las Vegas.

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Top PICKS – Wines – “2017 classics”

The 2017 Classic Five Winners are a collection of the finest wines available in Las Vegas! Simply click on any one of these wine labels and you will be directed on where you can find and enjoy each one. Club Members are engaged in the quarterly Wine tastings. which provide ongoing Tasting Challenges to the rare Classic Wine Designations.





Hillard Bruce

top PICKS – restaurants – “food • wine • entertainment”

Finding our Top Restaurants is not unlike our quest for tasting and recording our Top Wine Classics. The significant difference, our list of potential wine classics numbers in the hundreds in California alone. This requires a lot of “sipping” but our list of 30 potential Top Restaurants in Nevada requires, well as you will find out by following our trail, great evenings of eating, drinking and enjoying a “Bon Vivant” lifestyle.

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Vino Las Vegas Wine Club and Club House is the only wine club with a permanent home. The Wine Lovers Club House, located at Lakeside Event Center in Summerlin/Desert Shores sponsors regular winemaker visits, wine tasting events, Private Lakeside Cabana events and VIP dinners with wine pairings. Join us for a “Viva Wine” experience.

top PICKS – “2018 vineyard summer tour”

We have toured hundreds of Vineyards all over the World including “name” France, “name” Switzerland, “name” Italy.
This Summer our 2018 Tour will be of the Central California Vineyards and we promise It will rank among our most exciting tours to date.

After touring 5 Unforgettable Vineyards, we will be the VIP Guests of the owners, Luke Udsen and the Udsen Family, at a Live Show “ Name who is playing with promo wording.“ The x Show will be held in the heart of their fabulous vineyard, Castoro Winery, and promises to provide Great Wine, Great Food and a Great Time.